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    Rules of the forum



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    Rules of the forum

    Post  JosieWhitexx on Sun May 10, 2009 10:46 pm

    [color=cyan]Hello members of my forum![/color]

    [color=red]The rulees of my forum are very basic and soft if you follow them
    =No swearing!
    =No rude language!
    =Follow anything mod(erators) or admin(strators) say!
    =Dont awnser back or backchat to other memebers in cludeing admin(erstartors) or mod(erators)!
    =No members(admin and mods do not include) can write in colour exept black and Green!
    =No members can use a photo signature(admins and mods included) only a name will be needed.

    Now you have read this please sign underneath this post
    EXAMPLE= * J.WHITE * Your first name initial and your last name is needed oe just you username will do, if your user or name isnt in there in 15 days of acctivation your membership will be termenated:)Smile

    confused any troubles contact an admin or send an email to newone--@hotmail.com[/color]

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